Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Updates On Life

Being here at Grandpa & Grandma's house is a new way of life. No cooking, minimal cleaning.... life is good. Time on the computer is fairly rare though, so I haven't had much chance to keep up w/ things.

Here are some pictures from Asher's birthday (yes, he only got 1/2 an ice cream sandwich). Since we were moving a few days after, we didn't do a cake, but I don't think he'll suffer. Grandma is making sure he's getting lots of ice cream here too, so he's getting plenty of sugar. He's showing that he's 2 in the picture as well.

On our trip out here, we stopped for lunch at a rest area & this truck proceeded to get very stuck. It was entertaining for the 30 people or so who took the opportunty to gawk & take photos..... (I hid behind a sign so as not to appear to be one of the many). Notice that the rear driver's side wheel is up on the curb, forcing the trailer to rest on the rear passenger's side tire. He didn't have much hope of getting out of there by himself.

Glad to be back in Alberta!

We are really enjoing spending more time w/ Daddy, & doing all kinds of fun new things!

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