Sunday, 20 July 2008

Escape Artist

Tonight Chad was preaching at a church that doesn't have nursery in the evenings, so I stayed home w/ Asher. I put him to bed & went downstairs to see what was on TV. I was listening in on the monitor b/c it's always interesting to hear him talking befre he goes to sleep.

He started by saying "Take the bottom one out & put it on top." over & over (the hand game). Then he was rustling around a bit & I heard him say, "ow." He quite often will say this, but not actually be hurt, so I didn't really think anything of it. Ten I heard a strange thumping sound, but it didn't really come through on the monitor.

Seconds later all was revealed. Asher was standing at the bottom of the stairs, holding Big Dog & looking at me like he was sure he was in trouble (which he was). Apparently Pac & Plays are no longer any match for my 2 year old.

I put him back in bed, told him he wasn't allowed to come out until morning, & went back to the living room. About 5 minutes later I heard some strange noises again, so I went to investigate. I met Asher at the top of the stairs, & man, did he high-tail it when he saw me!

I think (hope) the problem was that the chair was just too close to the P&P so he could reach it to climb out on, but Chad & I are going to be gone to PEI for the next week, so I guess Grandma & Grandpa wil have to keep a close eye on Asher at bedtime! Perhaps it's time we work on getting him into a real bed after all.

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