Thursday, 24 July 2008

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

After 2 days of looking at houses (the first day not so good, day 2, much better) I think we MAY have found a house! We have 2 more to look at, but yesterday was not a good day. We looked at about 7 houses & none of them would work for us. There was one that we figured we could live w/ if we had to, but when you are planning on staying in a place for at least 5 years, do you really want to buy a house that you could possibly live in if you HAD to? Doesn't sound great does it?

So, after a morning of bad houses, an afternoon of driving all around & looking for realtor signs & looking up listings online, we found an espresso shop! I was so excited! They even use Torani Syrups (which in my opinion are the best kind). They didn't kick us out even though we stayed 1/2 an hour after they closed, & they were very pleasant.

At dinnertime we crossed the street to check out a Fish & Chips place b/c Chad was interested. I'm not a huge fan of fish, so I wasn't super excited about it, but the owner/chef is a couple from the UK, so we stayed & had some of the best Fish & Chips (Chad) & Chicken & Chips (me) we've had this side of the pond. For dessert I had a hard time choosing b/w the deep fried Mars Bar or the deep fried Jam Sandwich. I finally decided to try the sandwich & it was pretty good. A little odd b/c they use the same batter as the fish & chips, so it was a bit fishy, but overall a good way of finishing off a delicious dinner.

After our meal we headed out w/ the list of houses we had found online & drove around to check out each one since we had discovered that sometimes they look MUCH better online than from the curb. We took our list of 15 houses down to 5.

This morning the realtor took us to 3 more houses he had found (one was on our short list) & we may have found a house we really like, but there are still 2 from our list we want to see first. We're supposed to see 1 tonight & probably the other one tomorrow. We were pretty frustrated after yesterday, so we're really happy that today has gone alot better. I just hope that we make the right decision & get a house that will really work for us for the next 5 or more years!

Either way though, at least we found a great coffee shop & Chippy!

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  1. I'm glad that you and Chad had a better day house shopping today Sherilyn.