Friday, 4 July 2008

I Feel Tired

I suppose it's par-for-the-course that when I am 7 1/2 - 8 months pregnant I would feel tired. Of course it may also have to do with taking a long road trip last week, or the fact that the boy is waking up before 6 in the mornings, or the fact that the toy room is down 2 stories from the bedrooms, but I feel like doing NOTHING!

This is a problem for a few reasons.....
  1. Asher doesn't understand why I don't want to go running down the hill w/ him.
  2. Asher doesn't always listen when I tell him to do something & needs to be manhandled/dragged to do my bidding.
  3. I should really try to stay a little fit so that labour isn't too taxing on my body.
  4. We are living w/ my in-laws & don't really want to be viewed as the very lazy person I might be coming across as.
So I am trying to convince myself to remove my posterior from the chair it seems to be glued to, but it seems there is some sort of magnetic field that pulls me toward any other chair in the vicinity. Seriously, last night I got out of one chair, simply to relocate a mere 5 paces later to another chair w/in the same room. Kind of defeats the purpose, but I suppose 5 paces of exercise is better than nothing!

1 comment:

  1. You go girl!! If I was at my in-laws I would sit on my butt. but I usually cook when I am at there house b/c no one else does and I like to eat good food. Not just take out. I have never been pregnant but I am sure you are tired you are making a baby. I would think you should be tired. But that said......(again I have never been pregnant) I think you are suppose to try to exercise just to stay "in-shape" and to help with labor. But this is all coming from someone who has never been pregnant. So I may not know anything.

    You I love you even if you are lazy! :-)