Thursday, 17 July 2008

Online House Shopping

In September we will be moving out to Prince Edward Island. After much deliberation & prayer we accepted the call to go out there. So after the baby is born at the end of August we'll be making preparations to make a very loooong road trip from Alberta to PEI. We must have a masochistic side.

So, in the mean time Chad & I are planning on flying out to PEI next week for a week to go house hunting. We've been in contact w/ a realtor out there who has sent us property info for over 25 homes & we've been trying to narrow that down to about 10 to start looking at when we get there next week. It's quite a difficult proposition. Some of the hosues really sound great & then you start to look through the pictures only to discover that the house was decorated in the 70's complete w/ green, brown, & copper carpeting. The walls were papered w/ rust & brown striped wallpaper w/ floral bouquets. The cupboards are an appealing stained plywood......

Other houses are really hard to figure out b/c you have no layout of the house you are left to a few pictures & your imagination to try to figure out if the kitchen is near the living room or not. Some houses only have a few pictures of the outside & a picture of the kitchen. None of the bedrooms or the rest of the house.

I think we've got our short list now, I hope we find something we really will like while we are there next week. Of course, my main concern is that "Baby X" will wait at leat until August to make it's appearance b/c anything earlier than that & we may have a PEI baby instead of an Albertan! Yikes!


  1. Congrats on accepting a call! I hope all goes well with the house hunting trip.
    Laura Kuperus

  2. Good luck house hunting Sherilyn!!

  3. Wow I'm sure uyou will find a house It's a little pressure I guess though but hopefully it will be fun. I'm so excited for you guys I know that PEI. is beautiful from my parents and relatives but I've never seen it for myself yet ..
    Hopefully in the next coulple of years that would be great!! Well good luck I'm sure God will provide you what your family is in need of!!!:)