Tuesday, 15 July 2008

An Explanation & An Apology

I really enjoy reading people's blogs. One thing that makes it more enjoyable is regular posts so I remember who the person is & keep up w/ their lives. On that note, I want to apologize to you, dear reader, for my recent lack of posts. Here comes the explanation.....

We recently moved in w/ my in-laws. This in itself, is not a reason to stop blogging.

We have internet (obviously), so I should be able to keep up to date a bit, but the problem is that I am now sharing a computer w/ Chad. This also should not be an issue.

We brought our desk-top computer along as well, but it seems a bit silly to pull all the pieces out of the box to set it up for just a few months, so here I am, trying to vie for a little computer time here & there.

I am no longer blogging during Asher's nap b/c I am tired. Don't get me wrong, I don't really have much to do here, it's like a vacation! I have no cooking to do, I realyly only have to keep our bedroom & washroom tidy, & do our laundry every now & then, but trying to keep a 2 year old entertained in a none kid-proofed, new environment, can be tricky & tiring. Not to mention that I have about 6 weeks left until "Baby X" makes it's appearance into the world & I get NO chance to sleep for the next year (does that sound a bit pessimistic?).

So, hopefully I will be able to keep up w/ blogging, even if it's not everyday anymore. It's not that I don't have anything to blog about. We still have a funny kid, we're going to new & exciting places, I just haven't found the time to get it from my head to the computer.

So, there's my explanation, here's the apology.....

I'm really, really sorry if I'm not writing as regularly as you'd like, I'll try to be better, please, PLEASE don't give up on me!

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