Tuesday, 8 March 2016

House Tour -Basement Kitchen & Living Area

After you have survived walking through the storage room you enter the basement suite!

From the storage room door you enter the hallway.  Straight ahead is the door to the main bedroom, & you can see the living area to your left.

There is a separate entrance to the suite as well. 

I had been searching for a small rectangular table for this area & happened to stop into a charity shop.  I found this table in the back corner priced for $25, & figured that was a good price. When I got to the register there was a sign that said all furniture was 1/2 price that day!  What an awesome deal! 

There is a full kitchen... 

complete with washer & dryer!

We are hosting an international student, so she will be living in this area during the school year, but joining our family for meals & family interaction.  Furnishing this area for her has been really fun!

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