Monday, 21 March 2016

Rainy Days Are Par For The Course

Sunday we decided to try to sneak in a walk to the lighthouse before the rain got bad.  We did end up getting wet, but not terribly (not as bad as getting caught in the ocean!).

We came, we saw, we took some photos!
The lighthouse wasn't open (I don't think I have ever been there when it was), so we looked around, but it was pretty wet & overcast.

Can we go yet?

The wind was not conducive to going to the beach either, so we opted for the arcade & lazer-tag!
We decided it would be more fun to have lots of people for lazer-tag, so we convinced Grandpa & Grandma to play, as well as Uncle Arie, Aunt Lorene, Kelsey, Breton, Asher, Chancery & I.  I won by a long shot, & was told that my gun had probably malfunctioned to have a score that high.  I call it a win, & I won a free round of lazer-tag for the next time we go!

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