Monday, 7 March 2016

House Tour -Storage Room

Welcome to my basement!

  As you descend the stairs you have a direct view of the furnace since it seems they decided not to put a door on that area.  I was not a fan of that view, so I placed our photo screen in front of the furnace instead.  I never seem to be able to find a good place for the photo screen, so I was really happy to have found one!

At the bottom of the stairs directly to your left is the storage room.  It's quite a bit smaller than our storage room in PEI was, & I have gotten rid of lots of things.  It looks scary, but it's organized!
We put the deep freeze down here to free up space in the garage for PChad to work on his projects.  We also store our Christmas decorations, extra dining chairs, camping stuff, board games, & my collection of vintage Fisher Price among other things in here. 

 I love my storage racks.  Without them this room would be hopeless!  I made a curly-q out of the racks, so you can walk into the center area & access more of the shelves without them taking up all of the outside walls! 

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