Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Oregon Coast

Today was the day to head into Oregon.  The weather looked like it would cooperate & there was no rain in the forecast!

Reading before breakfast, & I guess Chancery was cold!

We made it to Astoria, of Goonies, Short Circuit, & Kindergarten Cop fame, but since the kids don't really know any of those movies, & the rest of us had already seen the locations, we went straight to the Astoria Column.
Will we make it to the top?

Of course!
For $1 you can buy wooden gliders from the gift shop & throw them down from the top.  The kids probably went up & down the tower 5 times because it was so much fun (& a great way to burn off energy!)

We had lunch at Fort Stevens State Park & wandered around the old bunkers a bit.

We stopped to see the 1890 shipwreck at Point Meriwether.  Pretty crazy to think that this ship has been here for the last 125 years!

Then it was off to Hug Point, a family favourite!

The kids climbed the rocks

and we looked in tide pools

and we got caught by a sneaker wave!

I told Asher to stay on that rock, but he got worried that the water was still coming & he ran off it.
Kelsey (who you can see in the little niche in the photo above) also got soaked, but she was trapped around the corner, & couldn't get back up the beach until the wave subsided.

I had a little water come over the top of my boots, but Asher had it up to his hips.  We had to dump the water out of both his boots.

We figured that since Breton & Chancery were playing above the waterfall that they would at least be dry, but Chancery had gotten into the water from the stream.

We stopped for dinner at a restaurant, & the waitress commented, "What is that smell?  It's like campfire.  Are you guys camping?"

Me: "No, we just all got soaked at the beach today!"

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