Thursday, 19 December 2013

Snow Days

Sunday we had a big snowstorm in the afternoon that left us with about a foot of snow.  Monday & Tuesday were cold, but nice days, then Wednesday we had another snowstorm that left us with another foot of snow.  The kids had no school, so in the afternoon we sent them out to make a snowfort!


IMG_0680 It was tough getting around, but we told them that under the picnic table looked like a good spot, so they had to navigate their way up onto the deck.


IMG_0681 Chancery got there first & decided to decorate the entryway with some mitten prints.


IMG_0682“Hello, we have arrived at what will become our fort!”


IMG_0683 But then Asher became overcome with the urge to belly flop onto the big pile of snow on the top of the picnic table!


IMG_0684 What fun!


IMG_0685 It was still salvageable at this point…


IMG_0686 But then the kids started scraping all the snow off, & it wasn’t much of a fort…

The main idea was to get the kids outside to get some exercise, & in that case, the mission was accomplished!

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