Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Tree Hunting

Last year was our first year to have a real Christmas tree.   It was not a difficult task to find a tree last year since we had a pine tree right beside our driveway which we had decided to remove, so we just used the top part of that.

IMG_0608 This year we had to go a bit further afield, but we found a really nice tree farm not too far away.


IMG_0609 We walked through the trees for about 5 minutes, & saw quite a few really nice ones.  But it was cold, & the colder it is, the faster we decide on a tree, so tree number 3 it was!


They even had Apple Cider & cookies to help us warm up.  We really liked that part!


IMG_0612 Once we got the tree home, the kids enjoyed playing with the netting the tree had been wrapped in.  It was nice to get a little extra use out of it, since it cost extra!


IMG_0614We made sure to set it up straight!


IMG_0615 Then it was time to decorate!


IMG_0617Chancery was excited to put her own ornaments on the tree!


IMG_0618 Asher did a really good job of making sure his were hung just right.


IMG_0619 I sorted the ornaments, & gave all the ones I didn’t want broken to Alexa to hang!


IMG_0624The tree is ready!

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