Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Little Bit of Christmas

I just love the gift giving part of Christmas.  I love the hunt for the perfect gift for each person, & then watching them open it.  We opened our gifts as a family on Christmas Eve this year.

IMG_0707 Chancery was delighted to receive some My Little Ponies.


IMG_0709 Asher had conveniently stated, “I wish that I could see inside my body!” a few days before I attended an Usborne Book party, so he received the See Inside Your Body book!


IMG_0715 Asher gave me The Book Thief Book (and so did PChad!) apparently they both knew what I wanted


IMG_0722 Chancery was over the moon to find 2 new nightdresses in her present!


IMG_0726 Asher was not quite sure about the slippers & mittens he opened, but that boy has lost so many mittens this school year!


IMG_0738 PChad loves Volkswagens!


IMG_0747 PChad decided to stop trying to fight against my love of hoodies.  He gave me a really nice one, so that I will be happy & warm whilst wearing it, & he will be satisfied that I am a bit dressier than normal!


IMG_0751 A Volkswagen tablet case?  How perfect!


IMG_0760 Asher asked at one point, “Why do I keep opening books, books, & books?”  Then he answered his own question, “Because books are awesome!”


IMG_0787 Chancery wrapped a little gift on her own for Daddy…


IMG_0788 And it was 2 McDonald’s Happy Meal toys!


IMG_0811 Another Volkswagen shirt!


What could be better than seeing that delight?  Celebrating Jesus’ birth!  The ultimate gift all wrapped up in swaddling clothes.  It’s pretty awesome to think about!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


  1. Fun to see your pics Sherilyn! Books are Awesome! I am currently thinking I need more bookcases!

  2. These pictures are awesome - we hope you and your fam are having a great holiday season :)
    Alan and Joanne McI