Thursday, 25 August 2011


We celebrated Chancery’s birthday  when PChad’s parents were here.  We were a day late celebrating since on her actual birthday PChad was a t a retreat  in the morning, & performed a wedding in the afternoon.


Chancery was excited about the cake, & the presents, but she kept telling everyone, “It’s my birthday, but I don’t get any cake or presents.”



Don’t worry though, we made up for it!



When she opened her dollhouse from Grandpa & Grandma, she was so excited, but unsure as to what was actually inside!



After the opening, there’s always the assembly stage, & she waited rather patiently for her scooter to get put together.


She has caught on pretty quick that she’s three now, & holds up the appropriate number of fingers when asked.  She’s growing up so fast!  Now we just need to figure out the potty training thing…

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  1. Ben was 3 when everything clicked for him on the potty. We worked a very long time. Finn decided last week that he was ready and has been doing an awesome job! He'll be 3 in November. Kids are definitely different!