Monday, 22 August 2011

Big “Helpers”

I had a few checks to deposit at the bank today.  Going to the bank is not at the top of my “Fun Things To Do With Kids” list.  There’s no drive through, so I have to unload the kids, & bring them with me.  The kids like to go to the tellers & ask for stickers & lollipops, but the lines are usually quite long.  I often go when the actual bank isn’t open, doing what I need to do at the ATMs.


This morning while I was in the midst of entering all the check info, I’d gotten to the point where it asks, “Would you like to do another transaction?”  Asher kept asking if he could push the buttons, & I kept telling him that he could not.  Despite my warnings, he reached out & hit the “Cancel” button, returning my card to me, & cancelling all the info I’d just entered.


So, I started at the beginning again…


Next stop, the grocery store.  I wonder if I can get out of there in under two hours?

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