Thursday, 11 August 2011

A Beach Day! (Finally!!!)

We’ve been having a lot of cloudy, chilly days this summer.  IN fact, one could hardly say we’ve had summer at all yet.  All through June I kept thinking July would be nice.  When that didn’t happen, I consoled myself by thinking surely August will be warm & sunny!


Alas, it seems that we’ll only get a handful of nice days this year.  I think we’ve made it out to the beach maybe 5 times so far.  It’s really dreadful.  Last week we had a somewhat decent day, & since PChad’s parents are here, we thought we’d head to the beach to show them what fun it is!


The kids spent nearly all their time playing in the sand, far from the surf.



The water was really cold, & there was a chilly wind as well.



The pictures make it look like a pretty nice beach day, but if you looked a bit closer, you'd have seen we were all covered in goose bumps!

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