Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Off To The Zoo!


PChad had a few weeks off, so we decided rather than taking a long trip involving lots of driving, we’d take 2 short, local trips.



The first trip was to Moncton.  Day one we decided to visit the zoo since I had a free family pass I’d been carrying around for the past 2 years.  We decided it was finally time to cash it in.


The zoo in Moncton isn’t all that big, but it was the perfect size for a nice, leisurely day with two little ones with the attention spans of gnats.


We saw almost all the animals, & the only thing we really missed out on was the otters, but their tank was being rebuilt & they weren’t there.  I guess that means another trip in a few years’ time!



Once the kids had had enough of the hands off approach, we gave them the option of pony rides, or face paint.  They ever so wisely chose pony rides, but after they were through there was an attempt to get faces painted as well.  We squashed that dream (they have to learn about choices, right?) and then bought them slushies.  It was a happy moment for all involved!


We couldn’t leave without taking advantage of a photo-op, so we told Asher to go be a tiger.IMG_6049

Note Chancery taking the opportunity to steal a sip of Asher’s slushie…

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