Monday, 27 September 2010

Tales Out of (Sunday) School

Last week at church, when I went to pick Asher up from his Sunday School class, he had already left.  I figured he was most likely out at the playground which is where he usually goes.  After awhile I went & checked & he was indeed there.  This week, I heard the full story of his whereabouts…


After Sunday School, he asked one of the high school girls if she would push him on the swings.  She told him that she had to get to her Sunday School class, but he managed to talk her into pushing him a few times first.  Whilst on the swing, he asked her, “Do you have any candies?”


She replied, “No, I don’t have any candies.”


Asher: “Well, do you know where I can find some?”


She informed him that there might be some in her Sunday School class, so he decided to join here there.  He followed her to Catechism, sat on her lap & started doodling on some paper.  The teacher was having everyone go around the circle saying their name.  When it came around to Asher, he dutifully said, “My name is Asher Declan V******.  Is this where I get some candies?”


Someone kindly gave him a candy & he made his exit to return to the playground, which was where I found him.


  1. Smart kid - he knows how to go about getting what he wants. :)

  2. He's quite a little guy! So precious.