Monday, 20 September 2010

Kissy, Kissy!

Yesterday Asher was playing with Katie, the girl who lives next door.  It started off just the two of them, but Katie came knocking to see if Chancery was allowed to play with them as well.  The three of them play really well together, so off Chancery went to join them.


They played a myriad of games, from camping, to family (Asher & Katie being the parents & Chancery being the baby).  At one point I noticed Asher & Katie had cleared all the toys out of the deck box, climbed in, & closed the lid.  Apparently it was the camper they were camping in, though I’m not sure why they left the baby outside when they retired for the evening…


But I suppose I should have been a bit more watchful because the next thing I knew, Katie was running over to tell me, “Asher tried to KISS me!”


I asked Asher if that was true, & he ‘fessed up saying, “But I LOVE her!”


  1. that's cute! I find kids making out in the corner more than I would like to :)

  2. Young love starts early these days! Whatever you do, don't get him a doctor kit!