Wednesday, 15 September 2010

First Day of School

Last week Asher started Pre-K.  He has been very excited about this for quite some time.


The chance to use his new backpack was the biggest bonus for him.


Though it seems kind of silly to carry a backpack back & firth to school when the only thing inside is your lunch kit with a snack. 



But I suppose having a backpack is a rite of passage.  You can’t go to school without one.


Chancery has started missing him already.  The other day we got home & she asked, “Where’s Asher?”


I told her, “he’s at school & we’ll pick him up at lunchtime.”


She responded, “Can we have lunch NOW?”

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  1. i cant believe how he has grown....where have the years gone...alexis srarted !st grade this year!