Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rite Of Passage

Chancery celebrated her birthday last month & since she doesn’t really get the whole birthday present thing, we only gave her a few small presents.  I was looking for a mermaid type toy she could take in the bath with her, and what I found was a beach Barbie.

She was quite chuffed with her new “girl”, and played with it for a few days, but as is typical of kids her age, now a month later I’m not sure she could even tell you where it is.  It has been forgotten & left in some remote corner of the living room.
A few weeks after Chancery’s birthday someone asked her how old she is.  Chancery has that one down, “I’m TWO!” she excitedly reported.  Next she was asked what she got for her birthday.  She didn’t even pause to think for a moment before shouting, “I get a VITAMIN!”

See, every morning at breakfast Chancery would watch Asher eat his vitamin & she always lamented, “I want a vitamin too!”  We always told her, “when you are two, you can have a vitamin like Asher has.”  Apparently the morning vitamin is the most exciting thing that has happened in her 2 year old life.


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