Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4 years

Chancery - 1.5 years

**************************************IMG_4059Chancery: “Asher, it’s time for Sunday Pictures!”


IMG_4060 Asher: “All right, I’m coming, Chancery.”


IMG_4061 Asher: “Did you know that I got all my own clothes out this morning, Chancery?”


IMG_4065 Chancery: “You DID?  That’s great!…”


IMG_4067Chancery: “…but it appears that you forgot to get socks.”


IMG_4063Chancery: “Did you see that I have TWO ponytails today?”


IMG_4066Asher: “They look GREAT, Chancery!”


IMG_4064Chancery: “I think we are ready for church, Mummy!”

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