Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Little Gems From Sunday

During the morning service at church on Sunday, we stood up to sing a few songs.  The words came up on the screen, the music was playing, but no one had started singing yet.  Asher turned to me & said, “No one knows this song, Mummy!”




After church we were at a friends house & the kids were playing on a golf cart they had parked in the yard.


One of the older kids was overheard saying, “Don’t push the gas pedal, Asher!”


Asher then responded with an emphatic, “How can I NOT push the gas pedal?”




I was putting the kids to bed that night, and I always put Chancery down first, then go into Asher’s room.  Asher was saying his prayers & we heard Chancery calling out, “Stop talking, Asher!  Don’t wake me up!”

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