Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Back To Canada

After we visited my Dad’s side of the family, we were off to see part of my Mom’s family who live on Vancouver Island.
7-2 We started off with a breakfast seating arrangement that I think all parties enjoyed.

7-3 And we were joined by Scott & Rachel, friends from Iowa who just happened to be out visiting THEIR family in Washington.  They conned the hotel staff into giving them free breakfast even though they weren’t hotel guests.
7-5 Then it was time for some more picture taking before Kurt & Sharon headed off to see her side of the family whilst we carried on to Vancouver Island.

7-11 And we took another ferry (which delighted Asher)

7-17 Once we made it to my Aunt Joyce & Uncle Winson’s house the rest of their clan started trickling in & Chancery was in heaven each time she found another pair of shoes to try on.


The next day was Canada Day, so we
all went to watch the parade.
It was the perfect length to keep the
little ones entertained throughout.

7-25 My Cousin Laura's boys, Dale & Grant were kind enough to take Asher under their wing, & teach him all the fine points of candy collecting, & even managed to persuade him not to eat any during the parade, but to save it until the end (a feat in itself!)

7-39 While the children napped, there was just enough time for a quick paddle in the kayak before it was time to head home again.

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