Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Thank Goodness For The Toothpaste!

Last week, Asher decided he didn't want to go to playschool Thursday morning.  Usually he loves it there, but he just protested all morning that he didn't want to go.  We tried to remind him of all the fun things they do there, "You can play with the toys there!"

"I don't WANT to play with the toys!"

"Your teacher will read books to you!"

"I don't WANT her to read me books!"

"Maybe you'll get to play outside!"

"I don't WANT to play outside!"

"What to you think you'll get for snacktime today?"

"I don't know..... I don't want to go to playschool!"

So we told him that he had to go anyway, got him ready & off we went.  He was fine the whole drive there, but once we pulled into the parking lot, it started again.

"I don't want to go to this place!"

We went in & started taking off his coat & boots despite his protests.  I told him to put his slippers on & he refused, possibly thinking that without his slippers on, he wouldn't be permitted in his classroom.

Finally I asked him, "Do you remember what they let you do after you have lunch?"

"Brush my teeth."

"And what do you get to brush your teeth with?"

With the slightest trace of a smile, he answered, "Candy cane toothpaste!"  And then he ran into his classroom ready to start the day.

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  1. Very cute! We have a thing of like 6 gates hooked together. The boys have still gotten in there and love to shake it, but it's generally a very good deterrent.