Monday, 21 December 2009

Can't Hardly Wait

Friday night PChad & Asher headed off to see a Christmas program & Chancery went to bed shortly after they left, so with a few hours to myself, I thought I'd get some Christmas presents wrapped.

Funny, I've known Christmas is fast approaching, but Thursday it suddenly hit me that Christmas is only a few days away & I didn't have things organized yet!

So I wrapped all the presents, discovered that my new stockings (that hang much straighter than last year's) aren't very wide, & had to unwrap & re-wrap a few.  I placed the gifts under the tree & had sense enough to know that the kids probably wouldn't leave them alone for a whole week, so I stuffed them under & behind the tree & put a tray-table in front to impede their destruction.

Saturday morning, PChad & I were attending to a large mess Asher made when Chancery appeared holding a gift tag.  I rushed downstairs to discover that she had ripped all the name tags off the gifts & taken a large strip of wrapping paper off one of Asher's presents.

I decided that under the tree wasn't the best place to store the gifts for the next week, so I picked them all up & carried them upstairs to hide them for a few days.

Asher, of course, wanted to know exactly where I was taking them & why I was removing them from under the tree.

Chancery just watched me & followed me around, whilst attempting to look innocent.  However, her plan was thwarted, as evidenced by the scotch tape (complete with traces of wrapping paper) stuck to her chest.

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