Friday, 11 December 2009

Classic Christmas Songs

There are a few songs that I always think of when I remember Christmases growing up.  The first one is a little known song "Christmas in the Northwest".  I suppose that there are lots of songs about celebrating Christmas in different areas, but this was MY Christmas locale.  When I finally moved out of the Seattle area, it struck me as odd that no one had heard this song, but we heard it year after year over the holidays.

The other song I remember because everytime it was played on the radio, the announcer would give a 1 or 2 song warning that he was about to play it so everyone could go & get their tape recorders. So obviously it was difficult to get your hands on the album. Mom, Dad.... Here it is, "Stop the Cavalry" performed by the Cory Band

Though why they never played the original version by Jona Lewie, I have no idea as I think it's good as well.

Which version do you prefer? Are there little known Christmas songs particular to your region?

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  1. I too love 'Christmas in the Northwest' b/c duh, I'm IN the northwest :)