Tuesday, 15 April 2008

What would you like to know?

In an attempt to come up with something interesting to write (and something interesting for you to read), I have decided to ask you, Dear Reader, what you would like to know about me. Perhaps this will initiate some communication as I have no idea who reads this, or how many people read this. I admit that this is getting out of thinking for myself, but the way my memory has been (not) working lately, that's probably a good thing. I await your responses (and hope I get some, or I will be very depressed).


  1. weeelllllll . . . being new to your blog and not knowing what is written in all your previous notes (as there are many), what are your feelings about your impending bundle of joy? are you hoping for a boy or girl? do you have any names picked out? what does asher think about a baby coming?

  2. What do you enjoy? What do you dislike? What are your 3 biggest joys in your life...don't feel obligated to list me as one of them:) (This is Kami, but I think I'll appear as "anonymous" because I don't know what I'm doing...surprise!)

  3. More stories about Asher...funny boy:)