Monday, 21 April 2008

We're Ready To Go!

I thought I should do a post before we are off, since I don't think I'll be able to do much blogging once we leave. We are off to Toronto as soon as Asher wakes up from his nap & then we fly to London tonight. We get in tomorrow & then Wednesday we're off to Ireland for a week. I keep worrying about how this is going to go & thinking it would be EASY if we weren't taking Asher, but part of the point of the trip is so the people we lived with over there can see Asher (and so when Asher is older we can say, "What do you mean we never take you anywhere? We took you to England & Ireland!")

I'm hoping to take lots of pictures & I'll post some when we get back. Of course we are leaving beautiful weather here. It's about 15C right now & going to where the high will be about 5C. *sigh* Just when I start enjoying the weather we leave, but hopefully it'll still be here when we get back & I'll appreciate it even more then.

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