Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Packing Bug

Whenever we are on the verge of moving (read: within 4 months or so) I get the packing bug. This really drives Chad crazy b/c I start to pack things that I think we don't use, leading to oddly packed boxes b/c I have a space & all spaces must be filled. Sometimes when we unpack a box, the contents must be delivered to 3 or more rooms....
It also leads to things being packed that I am unaware that Chad uses. For instance, last time we moved, Chad was doing all the cooking & I wasn't. I packed most of the kitchen utensils b/c I figured he wasn't using them. We then had to unpack 3 boxes to find the pancake flipper.
I have officially caught the packing bug again. Chad has forbidden me from packing any more boxes since he came home to 5 boxes of videos sitting on the couch. I asked him to put them away & since we are living in a small apartment, our storage room is already filled nearly to capacity. He had to stack those beautiful Huggies boxes behind the couch in our living room.
His point was, that A-we don't have the space, & B-we aren't moving for another 2.5 months. However, with our trip to England & numerous trips to Grand Rapids, a whole month is cut out of that time frame. But he assures me that our stuff will get packed, we will move on time, & I have nothing to worry about...... It's hard, but I'm really going to try to quit now.

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  1. Yes, but what if your belly is bigger in 2 months? You could always use your packed boxes as a new coffee table, night stands, kitchen island, etc. Just trying to be helpful...and how do I stop being anonymous? What's a URL? Ihhh! -Kami