Monday, 28 April 2008

Mullingar by Car

Tonight we are at a very nice B&B in Mullingar. We're headed back to Dublin as we fly out on Wed & we thought we'd still like to see the Guinness Factory so we can compare it to the Heinekin factory! I say it's a nice B&B b/c they gave me a nice apple sponge for dessert. I like my desserts, yes I do.

We had dinner at a "touristy" pub in town & it wasn't all that great. Luckily we had had a really good pub lunch this afternoon, so it was still a pretty good day. Chad & I shared a meal tonight b/c we weren't very hungry. Normally I enjoy such a venture b/c it means I can order a dessert, but the dessert menu was not very appealing, so we stopped at a petrol station on the way to the B&B & got some Magnum Ice Cream Bars.

We drove through the Burren today. It was more what we envisioned when we thought of Ireland. Well, except for all the rocks growing out of the ground. As we were headed East again it got more familiar. Sheep, stone fences, some cows, small winding roads. Ireland is a nice place, but I think I'm ready to go back to England. I don't think I'd like to move here, but it was nice to see.

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