Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Back in England

Today we flew back from Dublin to London. Pretty much that's what we did all day. We stayed at a B&B in Portmarnock near Dublin last night. The owners were kind of eccentric & weird, not in a cute way, it was a little creepy actually, but they did serve us a decent breakfast!

This morning we returned the rental car & spent 2 hours at the airport waiting for our flight. Chad chased Asher around & I watched our luggage. I like that arrangement. Asher slept on the flight, so that was really nice not to have to fight with him to sit still. Once we got to Heathrow we had to take the Tube back to Geoff & Margaret's house. That took another 2 hours. We are finally back at their home & really looking forward to a relaxing week. We don't have anything we need to do, just whatever we want to do. Except laundry. I suppose I have to do that.

G&M leave Friday for a trip of their own, so tomorrow we are just going to spend time with them & let Asher play. He got quite upset when we told him it was time for bed tonight. He did not want to stop playing.

So for the Ireland part of our trip, here are the smartest & dumbest things we did......

Dumbest: Taking Asher along? No, it wasn't that bad, but I would rethink doing it again. Chad & I have a pretty fast pace & it was really hard to get Asher into that. Probably not taking Asher's stroller along to Ireland. Not that we would have used it a ton, but it would have been nice to have when we were walking around in Dublin.

Smartest: Bringing straws along. We only had a sippy cup of water along for Asher & I didin't really want it to get used for milk, so having straws worked great in all the B&Bs for breakfast & some places we went for lunch & dinner.

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