Monday, 1 October 2012

Mind = Blown

After dinner the other night, the kids were preparing to watch some TV.  Chancery was helping PChad with the popcorn, & Asher went into the TV room.  He came back out holding my large bag of Hot Tamales & announced, “I found candy!  I found a big bag of candy!”


PChad: “Those are Mummy’s.”


Me: “Oops, I guess I forgot to put them away the other day, but you can put them in the candy drawer for me.”


Asher went back into the TV room…


He came to the doorway, his eyes were opened wide with wonderment…


Asher: “And a PLATE!  …WAS SOMEONE EATING IN HERE??  Did someone eat a SANDWICH in here?”


I guess we’ve got him so well trained, that it boggles his mind that someone would dare to eat in the TV room!

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