Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cabot Trail… The End of The Trip!

On our way back home from Newfoundland, we decided to take the Cabot Trail.  PChad had been on it a few times on his motorcycle, but the rest of us had never been!


The first stop we made was at Mary Ann Falls,

where there was a  lot of jumping & sliding to be done.




We explored down the river a bit too, & the water was a little chilly!




Once again, we did quite a bit of driving, leading to some sleepy travellers.



We headed up to Meat Cove for a scenic lunch, but the restaurant was closed, so we had lunch from a food stand instead.



We did a few small hikes with the kids along the trail.  Definitely a place to come back to when the kids are a bit older & ready for some longer hikes as well!

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