Monday, 29 October 2012


Last week, Asher  came home from school without his sweater.  He told me, “I left it on the playground because it was wet!  I figured I could pick it up at second recess, but it was second recess, so I didn’t get to go out there & get it.”


I asked PChad if he could swing by the school & check the playground to see if the sweater was still there.  He came home saying he hadn’t seen Asher’s sweater, but had picked up a little girls’ brown vest that he had found.


This morning I asked Asher, “Could you bring this vest to the school’s lost & found?  You can either put it in your backpack, or carry it in your arms.”


Asher responded, “Can you put it in my backpack for me?  Otherwise people might think the girls’ vest is for me, & I don’t wear girls’ clothes!”

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