Thursday, 10 November 2011


I was telling PChad at dinner the other night, about my recent trip to the grocery store with Chancery.  Whenever we go, we have a few places in the store that we always have to stop; the live lobster tank (so Chancery can say hello to her ‘friends’), the courtesy desk (so she can say hello to Miss Marcella), & the 1/2 off rack (so we can choose some discounted goodies).


Lately the 1/2 off rack has been a bit disappointing.  It has been stacked high with day old, 12 grain bread, & donuts that I know from experience are better left on the rack.  It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen the likes of cakes & cupcakes on the 1/2 off rack.  So, I was telling PChad that on Monday, I found they had moved the discounted cake products to the refrigerated section.


Chancery piped up to add to the story…


Chancery: “And I spotted them there!”


PChad: “Good spotting Chancery!”


Chancery: “Yes, I spotted them with my cool eyes!”


I should have had her on the look out a long time ago!

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