Thursday, 17 November 2011

No Fun

On the way to school this morning, Asher said, “I wish I could go to where you teach math today, Mum.”


Me: “You get to go to school instead, & you will have fun there!”


Asher: “I don’t have fun all the time at school though.”


Me: “You get to play with your friends, & learn things, & play outside.  Those are all fun things.”


Asher: “I don’t like to play in the courtyard though.”


Admittedly, the courtyard is no fun.  Asher’s school currently has 2 different school together on one campus.  The Kindergartens have recess in the inner courtyard which has a sheltered picnic table, dirt, small patches of grass, & little else.


Chancery: “You don’t have fun because you hit the kids there?”


(Asher’s been having a bit of trouble keeping his hands to himself.)


Asher: “That’s not the real reason.  Guess again, Chancery.”


Chancery: “Because you want to play on the playground instead?”


Asher: “Yes!  That is why I don’t have fun at school.”

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