Monday, 14 November 2011

I Got Sucked In!

Last night, I put the kids to bed a bit early since they had missed their naps.  We usually read a book in Asher’s room, & Chancery was trying to climb up into his bed, while Asher was pushing her away.


I told Asher that he had lost the privilege of having a book, so I prayed with him & then left the room.  After reading to Chancery & getting her settled in, I heard Asher asking for his sheets to be tucked in.  I went & tucked them in, but told him that if I heard him talking again, I was going to take his buddy away.


A little while later & heard Asher saying, “Please, Mummy, can you read me a book?  I didn’t even get to read one book today at all.  Please can you read to me?  I promise I’ll be good!  I just want one little book, because I didn’t read any books today at all!”


I felt bad.


He went through a whole day without having a single book read to him…


How can I expect him to have a love of books if he didn’t even read one today?


So, I went up, & told Asher that I would read him a little book, but he had to promise to go right to sleep afterward, & to behave properly in the future.


He promised, I read, he went to sleep…


I told PChad later that night about the long process of putting Asher to bed.  When I told him about the book, he was quite surprised that I got suckered into it.  I think Asher may have found my weakness…

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