Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Night Vision

Asher & Chancery were commenting on how dark it was outside around 4 pm the other day…


Chancery: “It’s dark outside.”


Asher: “Yes it is, Chancery.”


Chancery: “We need to have a flashlight so we can see if we go out there.”


Asher: “Not if we are candle people.”


Me: “Wouldn’t a candle person get burned?”


Asher: “No, they only have fire on their heads, & it doesn’t burn them because it’s the Holy Spirit!”


Me: “Oh, you mean like when the tongues of fire came down at Pentecost?”


Asher: “Yes!  I want to be like that so I can see in the dark!”


Me: “Well, I’m not sure that it helped them see in the dark.”


Chancery: “But it was fire on their heads, so they could see!”


I guess we’ll just have to add that to the list of things we need to ask God about someday…

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