Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Crime & Punishment

I went to the park yesterday with the kids, & met up with a friend there.  The kids were playing, & we were chatting away, & I saw Asher hit Chancery with  a stick.  I told him to come, & he hit her again for good measure before coming over to where I was.  I told him to have a time out on the bench, & he said, “But Chancery hit me too!”


So, I called Chancery over, & I asked her, “Did you hit Asher?”


Chancery: “Asher hit me!”


Me: “I know he did, but did you hit him as well?”


Chancery: “I don’t know!”


Me: “Chancery, did you hit Asher?”


Chancery: “I don’t know, because then you will punish me!”

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