Monday, 15 February 2010


I was having some trouble opening a new jug of milk, so I passed it over to PChad to open for me.

Asher asked, “Why couldn’t you open it, Mummy?”

“I guess I’m just not strong enough,” I replied.

Asher reasoned, “Daddy is strong because he has a nose that has hair in it!”

So does that mean that the person with the hairiest nose is the strongest of all?


  1. What about hairy ears? Do they listen the loudest? Good mercy, my husband could grow beets in there is it weren't for the clippers!

  2. Too funny, I'm sure I will be thinking about this for a while so if you see me walking around looking up people's noses you will know I am trying to figure out who is the strongest..
    Hopefully they won't notice because I am quite short....