Thursday, 18 February 2010

Our Summer In Burdett

Looking outside right now, it’s hard to imagine the warmth of summer, especially with 2 feet of snow covering the front lawn.  I was recently looking through some old pictures & decided I’d bring some summer to my blog.

When PChad was in Seminary, one of the requirements was to do a summer assignment at a church.  We were assigned to a small church in the middle of nowhere Southern Alberta.  While we were there, I took a break from corporate life & enjoyed some holidays.  PChad took a break from school, and pastored the church.


I thoroughly enjoyed being able to take advantage of fields & wide open spaces.  I’m a country girl at heart!


And every now & then, PChad would take a break & enjoy it with me too.


The parsonage came supplied with two Momma cats, so we were able to enjoy a fresh batch of kittens shortly after we arrived.855

One of the parishioners loaned us a puppy (with the hope that we’d become attached & take it back to Michigan with us), so we were able to hit the “puppy stage” that is a vital step on the road to becoming parents…

…and we named her “Prairie”.


After our time commitment was over, we headed to PChad’s parents for a few weeks, and had the opportunity to take our niece & nephew camping for a few days.

        All in all, it was a great summer.  We had a great placement, and felt really welcomed by the community, and as an added bonus, we got to spend some time with PChad’s family.

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