Friday, 26 February 2010

An Accurate Quote

Chancery currently has an obsession with telling us she has “boogies” in her nose.  Often, if we don’t get the hint, she will put her face directly in front of ours, stick her finger up her nose, & declare, “Boogies!”

I’m not sure how this started, but we can seldom have a conversation in which she doesn’t bring up “boogies” at some point.  Hopefully she will outgrow this stage soon.  It surely won’t go over well when she gets to highschool.


I was reading a book to Chancery the other day, in which there were pictures of all different animals & I was telling her what they say.  On the last page of the book there’s a picture with all the animals & I said, “It’s quiet now, what do YOU say?”

She very confidently exclaimed, “Boogies!”

I thought it was a pretty accurate statement.  At least she seems to be aware of the habit, now to get her to realize that it’s not the most appropriate thing to say all the time.

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