Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Jumpin’ Jumpin’

Asher has a habit of jumping down the stairs with a thud on every stair.  Since the stairs are right next to PChad’s office, it can be quite the distraction when he’s trying to work, having the door rattle with every thud, is not that conducive to concentrating.

So we’ve attempted to stop him from doing so.  Right now we are in the constant reminder stage.  Every time he starts thudding down the stairs, we remind him that he’s not supposed to do that & if he persists, he gets a time out.

The other night, he was coming down to tell me goodnight …
So, I gently reminded him that that was an unacceptable way to travel down the stairs.  He came quietly the rest of the way only to inform me, “But it’s so amazing to jump down the stairs like that!”

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