Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 3.5 years
Chancery – 1 year
Chancery: “Mum, I’ve noticed that there are TWO balloons this week, and yet I still don’t have one.”

Asher: “Hey, I know what you are up to, and these balloons are MINE!”

Asher: “I worked very hard to get both the balloons on the couch & not have them get away from me.”

Chancery: “Hey, what’s that?”

Asher: “Woah!  I almost lost them!”

Asher: “Nice try, but I won’t give them up so easily.” 

Chancery: “I nearly got him!”

Chancery: “But that’s ok, I don’t really need the balloon anyways.  I just like to mess with my brother sometimes.”

Asher: “Did you hear that, Mum?  She said I don’t have to share with her after all.”

Chancery: “No, I just like mucking about with you sometimes, Asher!”

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