Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I See Your Point

A few years ago, when PChad returned from a missions trip to Mexico, he brought a small guitar for Asher.  I quickly informed the pair of them, that playing guitars was a Daddy activity, since I knew that Asher would be begging me constantly to play it otherwise, and I, not having ever played guitar before, would not be a suitable playmate.

Every now & then, Asher remembers that both he & Daddy have guitars, and asks to play the “bananjos.”  Saturday afternoon was one of those occasions.

At the time that Asher asked, we had just put on some kids’ music to dance around to, and Chancery was really getting into it, so it wasn’t the most opportune time to get the guitars out.

Asher was persistent in his begging, and when PChad finally told him that he wasn’t going the get the guitars out because Asher doesn’t play with it properly, Asher was indignant.

“I am big enough now!  I got bigger and I’m three AND A HALF now, and I DO play it properly!”

Seeing the logic in Asher’s argument, PChad had no choice, but to acquiesce to his demands.

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