Friday, 8 January 2010

Distressed Shirt

I have said it before & I'll say it again, I have very little fashion sense, if any at all.  A few weeks ago I had some soiled items that I thought I'd soak in bleach before I washed them.  The next load of laundry I did, I threw them in as well.

Unfortunately, that was a load of DARKS that I had in the washing machine along with my bleached items.  I didn't really think about it until I was folding the laundry, and at that point I was just really thankful that nothing seemed to have gotten bleached from it.

PhotobucketThen I ran across this shirt:

So, my question for you fashionable lot is, does my shirt look like it's just a bit distressed, or does it look like a laundry mishap?  Can I still wear it & not look like a cleaning lady, or should I just start using it as a cleaning rag?

1 comment:

  1. Having zero fashion sense myself, this may be the blind leading the blind, but I'd say good for around the house only. You could always accidentally bleach the rest and then you'd be good to go!