Monday, 1 June 2009

WHAT Kind Of Burgers?

Saturday we took the family on a bit of a road trip.

We drove, we explored, we shopped, and then it was time to eat.

I looked down the road & reported what restaurants I could see so PChad could weigh-in on what kid of cuisine he preferred.

"I see, BK, Subway, MD's, Wendy's & T-I-M-S, & DQ," I reported.

PChad narrowed it down & asked Asher if he'd like a burger, or a meat sandwich.

"No! I want CHINESE food!" Asher declared.

A: That wasn't an option
B: Sure, it sounded good, but there were no Chinese restaurants to be seen

PChad: "There's no Chinese food, Buddy, do you want a burger, or a meat sandwich?"

Asher: "There's Chinese food RIGHT THERE!"

I'm sure that's exactly what you envision when you see this sign too.

He did eventually settle on having a burger, but he would not budge on which restaurant he wanted to go to. I'm just glad it shared a building with Tim's!

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