Monday, 15 June 2009

Pancake Fiasco

Saturday, as per tradition, we went out for pancakes for breakfast. Usually our family goes to McDonalds, but since Grandpa & Grandma were joining us & their taste buds are a little more refined than our, we went to a sit-down restaurant.

It started out well enough, we were seated, given menus, Chancery started screaming for her breakfast, the usual. When the waitress came to take our order Asher immediately started in with, "I want pancakes! Lady, I want to have some pancakes!"

The 3 adults ordered & I asked Grandma if she would be sharing her pancakes with Asher. She informed me that Asher gets free pancakes b/c he's underage, but that if he wanted more she would share.

The waitress, butted in that if we wanted "Baby Pancakes" we had to inform her of that, otherwise he'd just get regular panckaes. Well, since I hadn't actually ORDERED any pancakes for him yet, & she had just taken it upon herself to take the order from a 2-year-old, I don't see how that would be MY fault, but I just informed her that we'd take the "Baby Pancakes" for him.

When our order came, there were 2 dollar-sized pancakes for Asher. Grandma said, "They normally get FOUR pancakes! Why are there only two?" The waitress countered that there was a new policy that they only got two now. However, Grandma & Grandpa had just taken one of the cousins to that very restaurant only a week ago & he had gotten four then.

The waitress seemed to be a bit smug about the whole affair, trying to put us in our place for trying to get free stuff. I suppose we should have also ordered some "Baby Pancakes" for Chancery too, so that Asher could have a reasonable sized breakfast. She also decided that the guy sitting in the corner was a bit of a looker & spent a large percentage of her time chatting with him rather than checking to see if things were ok for us. When she finally did come to see how things were, we all had our mouths full & had moved on before we could comment on the meal.

We had to ask another server to refill our drinks, & he was quite attentive to our needs, asking if we needed anything else & if he could clear our plates. When our watiress showed up again, she just started taking plates away without so much as a how-do-you-do.

The kicker was when she came with the bill. She commented, "Wow! That's really cheap for four people to eat!" But really, is it "cheap" for 3 adults & one child (who qualifies for a free meal) to eat for $30, or is it reasonable?


  1. Dear Sherilyn,
    You really do have the most delightful blog I've read in a looooong time. It is such a shame that there aren't more comments:):)

    (The other Nieuwhof)

  2. I really enjoy reading this a lot... I just don't always have time to comment.. but boy you make me laugh. haha. Did she get a tip?

  3. No, no, 30 bucks is most definitely not cheap for three people! Who does she think she's kidding? Of course, I'm thinking in American dollars, and you're talking Canadian, so may be I don't know what I'm talking about. :)
    By the way, I have been in love with PEI my whole life, and so want to live where Anne with an E did. If that's silly, then I am silly!

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, It's nice to know there are people enjoying my little anecdotes.

    She did get a small tip, but it wasn't my doing! I FOR SURE wouldn't have given her one. Her attitute was NOT good.