Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Tactical Error

Dear Stewardess-On-Flight-With-Broken-TVs,

I realize that it wasn't your fault that the televisions weren't working on our flight the other day. It was also unfortunate that the woman sitting across the aisle from myself had encountered this problem on the last 4 flights with your company.

I thought your approach of offering alcoholic drinks to those without working televisions was perhaps a good plan, though the woman-seated-across-the-aisle did not agree. In fact, when she said it was a "poor choice of compensation" I though she was just being a bit grumpy, & perhaps she should have taken you up on the offer. But when you then turned to me a short time later & noticed that my television wasn't working, I think it would have been a wise choice on your part, to also notice that I was travelling alone with a nearly 3 year old & a 10 month old, so perhaps your judgement was clouded when you offered me a choice of alcoholic beverage. I think, perhaps, that you could have offered a food item & maybe that would have smoothed things over with the woman-across-the-aisle.

When you sent the other stewardess (who was clearly in the late stages of her pregnancy) to chat with the woman-across-the-aisle, that might have seemed like a smart move at the time, & perhaps it worked for you, since you passed the grumpy customer off to your co-worker, but the pregnant stewardess' relational skills were a bit lacking.

As I overheard the stewardess tell the woman-across-the-aisle, "we have already re-booted the system 3 times & if we do it again, it's a safely issue," I thought it sounded good, but apparently the stewardess didn't know who she was up against b/c I heard the woman-across-the-aisle say, "I am aware of how many times it can be re-booted."

That was where your co-worker (the pregnant stewardess) faltered. When you follow up a statement like that with, "Well, you are very knowledgeable for a customer!" You are doomed to failure & it's really no wonder that the woman-across-the-aisle decided to swear off your company & fly with the competitor from now on.

Dear So and So...


  1. Hey Sherilyn,
    My parents experienced the same problem on one of their flights and apparently if you lodge a formal complaint they then offer you aeroplan miles. I think you have to fill out a complaint for from the personal service desk. I can find out for sure for you if you would like. Angela

  2. So...did you go with a beer or Vodka? I'm just glad Asher's screen was working because he's under age!

  3. I have officially discovered your lovely blog! So fun! I can commiserate with you about the airplane tv...When we lived in Russia, we always flew first-class for the 18 hour flight back to the US so the kids would have a big seat and a tv. The last time we went, the tvs were BROKEN!! I wanted to get off and wait for another flight!